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breathing bags

Breathing Bags

Breathing bag manufacturer and supplier with assured safety and quality. Breathing apparatus are the healthcare equipment which briefly support individuals for patients to breathing. Breathing bags manufacturer, solution provider, exporter and supplier from Mumbai, India as per ISO-WHO standards. Breathing circuits are used with air filter that is inserted more than patient's lips along with nostril and is associated with oxygen source with regard to giving finish inhaling convenience. These hand bags are generally crammed and also this leads to oxygen being sent in to patient's lungs. Getting at ease with use, these kind of function skinny, tough designs and may be generated accessible in distinct conclude sizing available to adjust to patient’s certain wants.

Even more, your hourglass-shaped inhaling carrier also assists with reducing your fatigue on the hands along with likewise have corporation grip for the hands. Tri-pleat design offers a better in shape more than patient’s experience. Breathing circuits are delivered with cautions to industry since we know the sensitivity and provide wide support to maneuver for its purposes, We are manufacturer and supplier based in Mumbai. The product range which is available from us all under this consists of Deep breathing Case (Size 0.5 Litre ), Deep breathing Case (Size 1.0 Litre ), Deep breathing Case (Size 1. 5 Litre ), Deep breathing Case (Size 2.0 Litre ) along with Deep breathing Case(Size 3.0 Litre )

Breathing Bag Size 0.5 Litre

breathing bags

Breathing bag manufacturer in multi size of 0.5 litre along with confirms application inside delivering critical guidance in making the particular individuals inhale via guidance of manufactured air presented. Currently being attached to air supply, these types of totes are generally compressed and consequently the particular air is pressed directly into person's lungs. Even more, in the event that patient’s include inhaling tubing constantly in place, these types of inhaling totes may also be straight attached to inhaling pontoons. Supplying with regard to at ease usage, these types of feature resilient styles and have hourglass-shaped style which likewise decreases side tiredness.

Breathing Bag Size 1.0 Litre

breathing bags

Breathing devices supplied in size 1.0 litre can be obtained to be able to for the short term assist affected individuals to be able to inhale and exhale by means of suggestions regarding artificial oxygen that goes by through the affixed interfaces. Offering be an aid to affected individuals with deep breathing, these kinds of deep oxygen container communicate having air filter which can be placed more than person's jaws in addition to nostril while using the packed oxygen getting pressed into person's lung area. Additional, If patient's ersus deep breathing tubing in position, this deep breathing container will also be specifically linked with deep breathing pipes. Your occurrence regarding hourglass-shaped pattern additionally aids with reducing give tiredness together with makes these kinds of very easily grip-able. Additional, your tri-pleat pattern now offers excellent match more than patient's ersus people.

Breathing Bag Size 1.5 Litre

breathing bags

Breathing equipment supplied by us in size 1.5 litre are available in accuracy structure models which present critical guidance with the sufferers for you to breathe via using unnatural breathable oxygen. These kind of inhaling and exhaling bags are widely-used with guidance involving inhaling and exhaling case nose and mouth mask which can be subsequently put around person's jaws and sinuses in order to present full relieve with inhaling and exhaling. Getting related via an breathable oxygen supply, these types of bags usually are compressed while using the resulting breathable oxygen staying pressed into person's bronchi. Getting secure in use, the actual slender and long lasting models of these bags likewise help to make these types of very easily healthy the actual patient's hydrates deal with.

Breathing Bag Size 2.0 Litre

breathing bags

oxygen Bags presented 3. 0 Ltr attribute accurate layout and also construction criteria that supply crucial support as a non permanent help in breathing. These kind of attribute secure together with skinny yet resilient created conclude along with specific conclude criteria to be able to completely suit any patient. Additional, their hourglass-shaped layout in addition facilitates inside lowering the particular weakness brought on in order to arms together with makes these kinds of an easy task to golf grip. Getting used in conjunction with breathing apparatus to get positioned around patient's jaws and also nasal, these kinds of supply crucial service while man-made fresh air resource so when squeezed facilitates inside pushing fresh air into patient's lung area.

Breathing Bag Size 3.0 Litre

breathing bags

Oxygen container supplied by Anaesthetics in size 3.0 litre gives indispensable support to breath through provisional oxygen source. Being joined with oxygen source, these packs are pressed to pass on the oxygen into tolerant's lungs. Further, on the off chance that if patient’s has breathing tube set up, these breathing packs can likewise be straightforwardly joined with breathing tubes. Being not difficult to utilize, the hourglass-formed outline of these breathing packs likewise give help in lessening hand weakness and make these effectively grasped. Textured outside surface likewise makes it emphasize a no-slip hold and also give trustworthy execution.

Breathing circuit Features

  • Size from 0.5 to 3.0 litre with neck of 22 mm Bush
  • Comfortable finish in standard size to fit any patient
  • Comfortable, durable finish in thin design
  • Hourglass-shaped for bringing reduction to possible hand fatigue
  • Tri-pleat design for offering better fit with textured exterior surface for no-slip grip
  • Allows easy ability to assess patient lung activity
  • Easily gripping non-slip surface
  • Dependable functioning and reliable
  • Providing accurate visual monitoring as well as increased tactile sensation
  • Hourglass-shaped effectively delivering required gas volume
  • Thin surface for providing maximized clinician feel
  • Superior finish that aids ability to assess lung activity of patients
  • Designed for allowing more accurate visual monitoring
  • Designed for increased tactile sensation

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