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hospital pipeline

Hospital Pipeline

hospital pipeline

Features of hospital pipelines:

  • Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of hospital pipeline as per ISO-WHO standards
  • Based in Mumbai, India, we serve as per domestic and international requirement
  • Enables pushing involving of oxygen & probes
  • Flexible metal BPC flowmeter & humidifier
  • Easy push and pop process for flowmeters & probes
  • Long duration steadiness on the flowmeter model
  • Avoiding connecting error of hospital gas pipeline
  • Ensures safe and secure usage
  • Easy to use, clean and maintenance

Single pipeline adaptor : 3301   |   Twin pipeline adaptor : 3302

Generating & breaking the provide relationship in a similar way as described in "Self Securing Valves".

Self Sealing Valves (Schrader Type) : 5002

hospital pipelines

Gases & vacuum are driven are of self plugging type and have non-interchangeable outlet furnishing. This source is made by just applying the appropriate safety essential plug in the spray hole with the electric outlet position in addition to pressing the idea home until the idea curly hair in place. To break the connection, the milled collar round the orifice is rotated some degrees towards the right, when the safety key plug is automatically ejected and the gas flow is cut off.

Specifications are 3303 - Oxygen, 3305 - Air, 3304 - Nitrous Oxide and 3306 - Vacuum.

Safety Key Plugs (Schrader Type)

Hospital Gas Pipeline

Non-interchangeable like the self sealing valves and therefore do away with the possibility of mistakes in creating connections.

Specifications: 3307 - Oxygen, 3309 - Air, 3308 - Nitrous Oxide and 3310 - Vacuum.

Minimum Contact Gauges & Gas Failure Alarm for Pipelines

Specifications: 3324 - 0 - 250kg/cm High Pressure, Oxygen, Dia 100mm
2 3326 - 0 - 10kg/cm Low Pressure, Oxygen, Dia 100mm
3350 - Hospital gas Pipeline Failure Alarm
hospital equipments

Safety Jar

The Safety Jar comprises of a cap with well proven fluid control trap and an autoclavable polycarbonate clear jar. It is fitted between the primary vacuum units and the vacuum regulator to protect the system from aspirated fluids entering the regulator, pipeline and pump. In the interest of greater safety & efficiency, we have specially designed the unit for this purpose and to fall in line with international practice.

Rao’s Theatre Vacuum Unit with Trolley

Set comprises : 2000ml Vacuum units X 2 (1202), Rao’s Vacuum Regulator Model 760 (1203), Safety Jar with overflow safety device (1263), High Pressure tubing for vacuum x 2 mtrs., Safety key plug - Vacuum & Theatre Trolley (1264)

Set comprises : 4000ml Vacuum units X 2 (1260), Rao’s Vacuum Regulator Model 760 (1203), Safety Jar with overflow safety device (1263) High Pressure tubing for vacuum x 2 mtrs., Safety key plug - Vacuum & Theatre Trolley (1264)

The basic trolley consists of a stand on four castor wheels; very stable and provided with an easy grip handle for convenient transportability. It is suitable for two 2000 / 4000ml capacity suction units, a high/medium/low vacuum regulator & a safety jar fitted with an overflow safety device.

Rao’s Twin Carry Vacuum Unit with stand

Set comprises : 2000ml Ward Vacuum units X 2 (1202), Rao’s Vacuum Regulator Model 760 (1203), & Twin Carry Vacuum Stand (1285)

Light but sturdy, stainless steel stand to accommodate two 2000ml jars with a vacuum regulator to easily carry from one place to another as & when required. Specially useful in operation theatres & wards in hospitals and nursing homes.

The regulator comprises of a polymer body which houses an ON/OFF lever, an adjustable knob at the front, a large diaphragm for accurate suction control and a vacuum gauge with different scales depending on model 760, 500 & 200. The ON/OFF lever allows the operator to start or stop suction by turning the lever, with the adjustable knob, the operator can set the amount of vacuum necessary. The medium & low volume regulators have a safety valve set to open between 450 & 475mm Hg for medium suction and between 150 & 175mm Hg for low

Our Clients

  • AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai
  • Apollo Group of Hospitals
  • Medical Mission, Chennai
  • Bombay Hospital Trust, Mumbai
  • P.D. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai

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