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oxygen therapy equipment

Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Oxygen therapy equipment and devices are made available in precision designed and durable construction finish as per the industries applicability standards. We are based in Mumbai, India and serving to entire nation and overseas including USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of oxygen therapy devices since 1951. Meeting the demands of healthcare industry for cryogenic applications, these are suitability constructed to match up with the demands of highly critical healthcare process applications specifically in areas of pipeline accessories and equipment. The range offered by us under oxygen therapy equipments and devices category include Oxygen Single Stage Regulators, Oxygen Double Stage Regulators, Nitrous Oxide Regulator, Air Regulator, Oxygen Flowmeters, Humidifiers, Fine Adjustment Valve and Oxygen Nasal Cannula. Other than this, we also offer Oxygen Mask Plain, Oxygen Mask with % control, High Concentration Mask, Oxygen Mask with Nebulizer, Nebulizer Mouth Kit, Self Sealing Valve, Safety Key Plug, Terminal Units and Direct Probe.

Oxygen therapy device manufacturer and supplier by Anaesthetics healthcare equipment based in Mumbai, entertain as per international and domestic requirement with ISO, WHO and GMP standards.

Rao’s Oxygen Regulator

oxygen therapy equipment

The Regulator has a factory preset fixed static outlet pressure of approx. 4.2 Kg/ (60 lbs/sqin) and is fitted with safety valve. Once the flowrate has been set, the regulator will automatically maintain a constant flow rate irrespective of changing volume of cylinder contents. If the oxygen line distal to the regulator should be blocked, the regulator automatically prevents the build up of an excessive pressure in the apparatus and tubing between the outlet of the regulator and the obstruction. 

Rao's Two Stage Oxygen Regulator

Rao's Two Stage Regulator is similar to Rao's Oxygen Regulator but it has two diaphragms where by provides extra safety in case of damage to one of the diaphragm. It has an Extra Gauge to indicate outlet pressure.

Rao’s Air Regulator

oxygen therapy equipment

3045 - The Regulator has a factory preset fixed static outlet pressure of approx. 4.2 Kg/ and is fitted with safety valve. Once the flow rate has been set, the regulator will automatically maintain a constant flow rate irrespective of changing volume of cylinder contents. A pressure gauge indicates the cylinder contents.



Amar Oxygen Regulator with Flow Gauge

oxygen therapy equipment

Replacement of the flowmeter unit by a Flow Gauge with Gauge Saver and a rugged all metal construction ensures less frequent & reduced maintenance / servicing. Tamper-proof Safety Blow off situated inside the regulator prevents unauthorized adjustment of blow off pressure. Larger Control Knob provides more convenient operation.


BPC Flowmeter Unit

oxygen therapy equipment

3041 - Metal, 3010 - Plastic
The Back Pressure Compensated (BPC) flowmeter incorporates a rotary pin valve control to permit adjustment of the flow rate to any desired level between 0 - 15 ltrs/min. Jacketed type shatterproof tubes are fitted on the units The outlet at the bottom of the unit is fitted with a removable nipple. After removing the outlet nipple, a humidifier can be screwed into the outlet of the flowmeter unit. Flow accuracy is unaffected by back pressure due to down stream restrictions caused by humidifiers, nebulizers
Note : The BPC Flowmeter with control used in the regulator should not be used with F/A valve.


oxygen therapy equipment

Humidifiers Consists of an unbreakable jar with screw on cap fitted on top inlet and side outlet tubes. The inlet tube ends in a specially designed diffuser from which oxygen is bubbled through water before reaching the outlet. 3013 - Humidifier with “S” Hook - for hanging on the cylinder trolley or flowmeter unit. 3012 - Humidifier - screw on type - Plastic Inlet Provided with 1/2” BSF threads that can be screwed on directly to the outlet of the flowmeter. 3040 - Humidifier - for generator - Plastic Inlet Has a 9/16 UNF female knurled nut & nipple at the inlet.

Humidifier with Relief Valve

3050 - Humidifier - screw on type
3051 - Humidifier - for generator
Brass Chrome Plated Inlet & Outlet
Oxygen Humidifier provides high humidity to oxygen using the bubble-type humidification process. It contains a 3-psi safety relief valve. The outlet fitting is a hose barb for 6mm ID plastic tubing. Max. and Min. water levels are clearly marked; the max line holds 100 ml of water.

Jet Ventilator for Bronchoscopy

A ventilating system for rigid wall bronchoscopy and laryngeal microsurgery. Comprises : 2mtrs. High Pressure Tubing, Thumb Valve Control and three Luer Lock

F/A (Fine Adjustment) Valve with Guage & Flowmeter

oxygen therapy equipment

Set comprises of F/A Valve with Gauge (3005), Flowmeter (3007) & Gauge Saver (3115)
The unit reduces the cylinder pressure by merely providing a variable restriction to the flow of Oxygen from the cylinder outlet. As volume of Oxygen in the cylinder reduces, the flowmeter has to be constantly adjusted to maintain the required flowrate. The flowmeter unit without control is fitted with jacketed type shatter proof tubes calibrated from
Note: Flowmeter without control which are used in F/A Valve should not be used with Oxygen Regulator.


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