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silicone resuscitators

Silicone Resuscitators

Silicone resuscitator equipment manufacturer, exporter and supplier of including manual since 1951 to entire world including USA, Europe, Africa and Asia according to ISO-WHO-GMP standards. We are serving from Mumbai, India and growing organizations of anaesthesia equipment. Components of silicone resuscitators used from food grade silicone rubber & opolycarbonate; Autoclavable upto 136 C for 5 minutes at approximately 2 bars. Long durable, non-toxic, non-allergic and no side effects. Elasticity maintained between -100 C and O+250 C. Can also be decontaminated by ETO sterilization or cold sterilization. Oxygen Reservoir Bag may be sterilized by cold sterilization only. We are in Mumbai, India and serving to entire nation and international including USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of silicone resuscitators since 1951.

Transparent polycarbonate non-rebreathing valves and clear hood facemasks facilitate visual monitoring, observation of lips and regurgitation.

Non-rebreathing 'L' valve is designed for low resistance with Odead space reduced to 7ml., and allows 360 swivel for changing angle of operation without disturbing the mask/tracheal tube. Pressure relief device with lock & unlock system provided to prevent possible emphysema. The patient end has a standard 15mm/22mm (ID/OD) which connects to all standard masks & 15mm E/T Tube connectors.

Silicone Resuscitator Kit and equipment can be used for long periods without operational fatigue

Silicone Resuscitator Autoclave can be disassembled & reassembled in a matter of seconds. Designed for trouble free service. All spare parts are available when necessary as the resuscitators are made indigenously.

Resuscitator Kits controlled & spontaneous ventilation possible. Also suitable to administer anaesthesia in conjunction with a draw over type vaporizer.

Adult Silicone Resuscitator : 5001

silicone resuscitators

For patients above 30 Kilograms

Set comprises :
1600ml. Auto inflatable both side concluded silicon bags with wall mounts integrating tank control device and side supply air inlet, Type L non-rebreathing control valve with limitable pressure equipments where it'll open if the inspiratory pressure is more than 60 cm of water, Dimensions 4 Clear-hood facemasks using silicon cuff, 1.5 metes oxygens enhancing tube & 2600 mele litres reservoir bags all in a porting case.

Large Child Silicone Resuscitator : 5002

silicone resuscitators

» For patients between 20 and 30 Kilograms

Set comprises :
1000ml. Personalise inflating dual finished silicon bags with mounts integrating valve by control device and facet give oxygens inlet, L type non-rebreathing valve with limiting pressure equipments where it available when the pressure is more than 60 cm of water, Sizing 3 Clear hood facemasks with silicon cuff -8051, 1.5 meters oxygen enhancing tube -5038 & 2600 ml water bag - 5031 in all carrying case.

Child Silicone Resuscitator : 5003

For patients between 7 and 20 Kilograms

silicone resuscitators

Set comprises :
500ml. Auto inflatable with dual open end silicon bags, mounts valve, L types non re-breathing valves limiting pressure and it will start when the pressure is greater than 40 cms of water - 9282, Sizing 0 A circulars paedi all silicon facemasks - 8016, Reservoir Hose - 5037 contain adaptor - 9034 to serve greater oxygen concentration, 1.5 meters oxygen tubing - 5038 & 2600 ml bag

Infant Silicone Resuscitator : 5004

For patients upto 7 Kilograms


Set comprises :
240ml. L type non-rebreathing valves with limiting pressure equipments where it available when the pressure are greater than 40 cm of water, Sizing 0 circle paedi silicon facemasks with silicon cuff -8015, 1.5 meters oxygen enhancing tube -5038 & 600 ml water bag - 5032 in all carrying case. Personalise and auto inflate dual finished silicon bags with mounts integrating valves by control devices and area deal oxygens inlet.

Rao’s Reservoir Bag - Large - 5031


2600ml. Multiple capability use of silicone resuscitators. Resuscitators can be used for mature, adult, youngster & child.

Rao’s Reservoir Bag - Small - 5032

600ml. Compatible and secure use for small babies and infants. Building Rao’s breathable oxygen tank Add-on utes higher focus associated with breathable oxygen can be carried out without excessive consumption.

Corrugated Breathing Tube with Mounts : 8113

silicone resuscitators

Size 30 cm x 20 mm and 9020 - 23 mms Hose Installed couple. It can be used as extension relating to the case of bags and non re-breathing control device, as well as to hook up the particular inlet from the bags in order to draw over vaporizer though giving anaesthesia.

L type valve with Blow Off : 9282


L valves control device is actually a mix of fish mouth along with Flap valves. During ideas, the particular fish mouth unwraps along with sale paper flap closes exhalation port. During exhalation, the particular fish mouth closes and the sale paper flap unwraps directing out of date unwanted gas through the exhalation port. The force decreasing gadget is actually involved into that control device, where it'll open in the event the inspiratories force is actually greater than 60 cm regarding water inside grown up along with Large Youngster, 45 cm regarding water inside babies and children resuscitators.

Rao’s Mouth to Mouth Resuscitator Mouth Resuscitator

  • Prevents blood, secretions or expired air passing to the administrator from the patient
  • Avoids the risk of the administrator from infection with AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis - B and other dangerous viruses O
  • Can be easily dismantled and sterilised chemically or autoclaved upto 130 C.
  • Transparent hood of the facemask allows monitoring of the patient
  • Weighs only 110 gms, is small, compact & is virtually unbreakable.
  • Comprises : One way valve (9284) & Silicone facemask of choice.

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